Liner Replacement

Is your pool’s liner faded from years of exposure to the sun and harsh weather conditions? Perhaps your liner has a rip in it from too much wear and tear. Salvo Pools can help!

Over the course of 10 or so years, the sun exposure and chemicals used in your pool will cause the vinyl liner to breakdown, requiring it to be replaced.  The whole replacement process, from contract to making a splash, will take about a month, so we suggest you take this into consideration when scheduling your replacement if you are going to want use of your pool.

When Salvo Pools replaces your vinyl liner you can be sure they are not only the best fitting (custom made for every pool) but also done by the best installers around.  An in ground liner needs to be measured correctly to insure a proper fit.  Our Team has over 75 years combined experience installing vinyl liners.


Concrete Pool Refinishing

Fun fact: a concrete pool’s interior is not actually concrete, it’s a durable, waterproof finish commonly referred to as plaster. There are a variety of interior finishes such as: quartz, pebble tec, glass bead, pebble sheen, etc., which give each pool their distinct look. After your pool has been chipped and prepped, our technicians will place your new finish right over the existing surface.

Liner Replacements - Before

Liner Replacement - After