Concrete Pools

Concreate PoolAt Salvo Pools we build top quality custom concrete pools because they allow clients to have free rein over the design process. Together we can create a pool that coordinates with the rest of your backyard and house while incorporating any shape or feature you choose in order to build you the backyard of your dreams.

Construction Process

Project StartThe Dig – A tractor is used to dig up your yard where the pool is projected to be built. Your yard will get messy during this phase, please know we will clean up in a later phase!

Form/Steel – Once the pool has been excavated, the steel is placed inside the pool area according to your specific plans.

Shell – Once the steel is inspected, the shotcrete is applied, and hand carved to meet the plans specific shape, including tanning ledges, wet benches, and other features specific to your design.

PlumbingAfter the shell of your pool is complete, the plumbing is installed & inspected to withstand 35# of pressure. We are the only company who pressures up ALL plumbing including pumps and filters, not just the “rough” plumbing.

TileTile is installed around the pool perimeter and on any raised beams or spas.

DeckPreparation for the deck includes grading (compacting and leveling all dirt/soil around pool and deck area). After grading, a skilled paver crew begins installing the coping and patio. This is the most transformational phase of the pool project. All major construction is completed at this point.

Interior FinishBefore the interior finish can be installed, the pool must be meticulously cleaned. This includes a high pressure blast, acid wash, and making the shell 100% water tight. The interior finish is installed by a skilled team of subcontractors. The finish is usually installed in 1 day.

Pool StartAfter waiting the appropriate amount of days from the interior finish (Quartz-1 day & Pebble Tec-2 days), the pool will be filled. Our service technician will start up the pool equipment, balance the pool water, program your system to operate at the correct times, inspect equipment’s performance, and clean everything! Once your pool has been started, we will schedule you for “Pool School.”

Financing Available!

Salvo Pool & Spa now offers financing options through third-party vendors. These are companies we have partnered with to provide you the funds for your new project with the least amount of hassle.

Salvo Pools proudly uses Hayward Pool Pumps, Filters, Timers, Heaters, and Remote Pool Management Systems